family (Let's go on a funny trip from the future to the past.)

Good evening everyone.
Today, shall we go on a funny trip with me?

Let's go!

Look. There are my family.
( mother was very very beautiful.)

My brother and I. (1989)

My brother and I...
This is the photo at my wedding party. (2013) cute I was!(about 22 years old.)

But, I think she was far from beauty. Hmm....

Real brains. (2011)
After, I cut this brain with a knife.

My son was born in Tokyo in 2013.

Oh,,,Whose trumpet? (2011 in Ishinomaki city.)

Whose earth? (2011 Ishinomaki city.)

My son is 3yeas old.(2016)
I was 4years old. (1993)

My son was playing with his train yesterday.

We looked like the same in this picture ....

Good night my little princess...www

(I was lost you forever.
Nothing remains forever.)

To be continued....